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 future bank HYIP the next financial pyramid ponzi launched the site where you can take part in the work as they call themselves a bank.
"How does your bank make money?"The principle of operation of a crypto-currency bank is almost the same as the work of any bank whose activity is related to the currency fiat. But at the same time there are some differences. First, the rate of profit that can be earned is significantly higher than in banks fiat. This is due to the high value of the assets of the crypto currency and its high liquidity. By the way, using a specialized financial institution, operations with crypto-currency money are much faster, more efficient and reduce overhead costs. And also the additional exchange commission with crypto-currency transactions is much less than with transactions with money money. "

For the invited partner, they promise to pay 10%. But tricky write that in order to get the refs you need to make a contribution of about 0.01 bits of coins and, in addition, the refs themselves must be invested. Those. inviting people to the bank for a reflink, you're wasting your time and will not get anything at all, because those who have been working on faucets for a long time only receive, but do not invest.

Promise that you can get 80 satoshi every 20 minutes on their bitcoin faucet. This project is in fact an analogue of Bank NewAge, of which we wrote a review earlier a few months ago, also brandished a license from the UK. There, too, was a tap and a few days paid, I personally received about 15 thousand satoshi for the climes, but everything died very quickly. And do you think that they will now pay? Can someone pay off the tap and fall, and the rest in the furnace. He is the HYIP. So the tip about the future-bank-scam, scam, scammers and fraudlent. Do not go there unless you are of course hyip-fanat.

If you are interested in information about bitcoin faucets, or you want to place your reflinks of faucets, you can visit on this site our brand new newly opened specialized forum about bitcoin faucets Forum о биткоин кранах (rus) or english multilanguage
21.11.17 07:02

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26.11.2017 07:37
So I did not get on the faucet and up to 3000satoshi, as they demanded to make a post with a screen of personal office in instagrams, YouTube, facebook. He did it, but the support is silent, it seems that the money comes to an end. Here you and Future Bank. And they think that they will also invest there. Fuckers certainly do not die out.10
22.11.2017 14:34
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