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Work on binary options.

Binary options is the most profitable of the simple ways of earning money. They are available to everyone and in Singapore. Work in this market typically requires a very small investment. Revenues could exceed the money invested in dozens of times in a very short time. You run the risk, but the risk is justified. You do not need to install any software. You do not need to buy for your money dollars, roubles, euro, oil, gold, etc this difference from forex.

Work options during the 5 days a week 00:00 am in day-day, evening and night, and early morning during work exchanges. At the weekend some brokers provide quotes has dollar-bitcoin-Chinese Yuan, has their own indexes.


You register on the site options broker, specify email, password, phone, choose the currency of payment, accept rules. Some brokers provide a demo account for work, to experience the free options. This means that you can without using your own money to trade in test mode.

Replenishment of account

Enter funds can electronic money, or credit card. The minimum amount of different brokers, different and often very low, approximately 5-10 dollars. One transaction can not spend the full amount immediately, but portions of it, such as 1 dollar.

Options trading.

Binary trade is:

-You are in Singapore at home or office and look at the monitor screen of a computer or Smartphone. On the screen you see binary options schedule (schedule changes in exchange rates) online. You need to select only the direction of change of the rate of the currency pair euro-dollar, prices of crude oil, silver, bitcoin or another asset UP(CALL) or DOWN(PUT) for example, within 60 seconds, 2-15 minutes or so.

To cash in on options, you don't have to guess the exact rate or price and earn by reselling Exchange. You need to make a forecast-exchange rates will rise or fall. You can only make predictions and earn income from that fall or rise of the euro against the dollar. If you have made a wrong forecast-lose, if you guessed-get to the transaction up to 97% of the profits. Deal time can range from 1 minute to several hours, days.

Receipt of money earned

Usually get earned perhaps when it reaches the minimum amount on the same payment or credit (payment) card from putting money

Binary options brokers

The binary choice broker must be approached very responsibly. From his honesty, transparent work depends on your income.

We in our ranking, we recommend only proven trusted paying best brokers working with residents of Singapore

-low minimum deposit from 10 $ and a maximum of up to several thousand dollars

-adjustable size with you a one-time transaction from 1 to several hundred or even thousands of dollars

-no problems with the withdrawal of money

-ease of work

Brokers are many but these are reliable - can they register


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Our video about Binary options

Sign up safely at these brokers For the moment, you can multiply the capital.

Binary options News

21.09.2016 at 18:00 GMT held a major event-United States FED meeting. At this time the FOMC economic projections will be announced and a decision on interest rates. The forecast assumes that the rate will remain unchanged, which could weaken the USD.